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Anti-Bird Nets

Anti-bird nets have become an integral part of interior construction work of houses. It is no longer an additional work but is more of a ‘need’ now. These nets help in enclosing the structure so as to prevent birds from getting in. The mesh size is kept big enough for light and wind to pass through and not obstruct the view. The net is firmly and tightly fixed using brass or stainless steel hooks at the corners. We have an experienced team to carry out the installation work even at higher floor levels with proper safety precautions.

HDPE Bird Nets
Materials HDPE knotted
Mesh size 25mm, 35mm, 40mm and 50mm square mesh
Thickness of filament 1mm, 1.25mm and 1.5mm
Colours Black and White
Breaking strength Twine 20K / 28kg
Warranty 3 years warranty
Nylon monofilament bird nets
Material HDPE knotted
Mesh size 32mm x 32mm diamond mesh
Thickness of filament 0.6mm and 0.8mm
Colours white, transparent
Breaking strength Twine 20k / 28kg
Warranty 3 years warranty

Bird Spike

Bird Spike is a bird protection device consisting of long needle like rods. They are usually installed on linear surfaces like windowsills, air conditioners, beams, pipes and parapet walls. These spikes prevent birds from sitting and nesting on surfaces with harming or killing them.

We offer all polycarbonate spikes and stainless steel spikes with polycarbonate base.

Polycarbonate spikes
Material Polycarbonate
Base width  40mm
Length of unit 12”
Height of spike 115mm
Width coverage 140mm
Stainless steel spikes
Material Stainless steel with Polycarbonate base
Base width 45mm
Length of unit 12″
Height of spike 115mm
Width coverage 120mm