Fire Safety

Breathing Apparatus

It is mandatory to provide mobile breathing apparatus in buildings along with fire extinguishers. Self – contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) is used to protect from dust, gases, smoke and provide oxygen directly.

Working pressure: 300 bars

Capacity: 6 – 9 litres

A SCBA set consists of 3 main components – a cylinder of compressed air, a back-plate that holds the cylinder and reduces the air from high pressure (200-300bar) to medium pressure (5-11 bar) and this in turn supplies a face mask. A 9L 200 bar cylinder will give a usage time of 35 minutes.

Fire Extinguisher

Type ABC fire extinguisher

2kg, 4kg, 6kg and 9kg
Dry chemical powder type
ISI marked nitrogen pressure, controlled discharge mechanism, pressure gauge, discharge hose and nozzle
Fire Extinguisher 2, 4, 6 Kg Capacity Confirming To IS: 15683


CO2 Fire extinguisher

Carbon dioxide type 2 and 4.5 kg type
Controllable Discharge Mechanism Wheel Type Valve, Discharge Hose with Non-Conducting Horn Fitted With CO2 Valve
Confirming To IS: 15683, ISI Marked

Fire blanket

Fire blankets are used to extinguish fires in the kitchen (cooking oil, saucepans, frying pans, waste bins, etc.) and clothing fires. Covering with a fire blanket cuts the supply of oxygen to the contents of a pan or a person’s clothing.

Fire blanket Details
Type Anti – fire blanket with silicon coating
Size 1m x 2m / 2m x 2m
Material Kevlar thread
Thickness 0.50mm
Temperature 550 degree Celsius

Fire Safety Suit

we offer aluminized fire entry suit, non aluminized fire entry suit, fire fighter suit, coverall boiler suit, pvc suit and flame retardant coveralls from India.

Fire Safety Suit Details
Material Aluminized cloth
Colour Silver
Temperature Bearing capacity of 1000C